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ERP Software Solutions for different industrial Verticals in Dubai UAE & Middle EastFACTS Computer Software House is the leading software solutions/Business Automation provider/specialist company based in Dubai with a commendable presence in the Middle East and empowering enterprises with cutting-edge technology solutions. FACTS have been at the forefront for two decades providing latest ERP and HR Solutions to leading organizations from Corporate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Engineering & Contracting, Trading, FMCG, Textile and Retail industries to name a few.




FACTS Computer Software House delivers innovative and superior business processes to organizations by keeping the focus on re-usability, context-awareness, mobility, flexibility and the comprehensive set of functionalities.

FactsERP has been built by the best Software Architects under the guidance of many acclaimed Domain Experts and Functional Consultants. Hence remains the most reliable ERP solution in the Middle East for decades.

FACTS ERP is serving customers for the past 15 years and our product shows our expertise/domain knowledge in various industries and our association with various organizations worldwide in solving their automation requirements.

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Growing organizations will always look for Global ERP Solutions to fulfill their expansion plans and they evaluate various software solutions including global ERPs and realize those are not viable due to obvious reasons including finance, cost of maintenance, rigidity /non-flexibility to accommodate changes etc. ERP partners always offer false promises to customize the Global ERP solutions and most of the time their commitments are not fulfilled. Finally, the customer will end up with variety of unwanted features and additional screens for data entry etc. that are very confusing. Most of the time, software implementation is delayed and the effect of ROI is diminished by long time required to implement the Global ERP solution.

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