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Business Software Implementation Services Dubai, UAE


Business Automation Software Services Dubai, UAE

An ERP system requires detailed business analysis, understanding of functional and technical requirements, and mapping to standard business practices minimizing software customization and timely delivery management. Small sized and middle level businesses have special challenges when it comes to software implementation of projects. An experienced project manager will have to navigate the project, understanding your business challenges and pain points, and get the project completed on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.


Our ERP implementation approach has seven steps

Step – 1 Analysis and Planning

All preliminary activities you need to go through in order to prepare for the implementation is curried out during this phase. Our Project Analysis and Planning Process is part of our pre award/sales activities and guides you through a sequence of steps to warrant proper project planning.

Step-2 Setup and Installation

This phase includes the necessary steps required for setting up the environment where the system will be installed, installation of the software, and preparation for system configuration and customisation.

Step-3 Configuration and Integration

Once the system is installed, it is configured based on your requirements and data migration / integration activities take place.

Step-4 Testing and Training

The system is meticulously tested against various business scenarios which were documented during the previous phases. In addition, we ensure that your core business processes are as per the specifications, then run a User Acceptance Testing and correct any deviations from the established parameters. This phase also includes extensive user training and preparation for go-live.

Step-5 Production Rollout

During this phase we complete the final activities required for going live with the system. A carefully planned rollout process ensures the system goes into production with minimum interruption. This marks the end of the project but we re-enforce our long business relationship from this point onwards.

Step-6 Project Review

After going live, we keep in touch with you and your team to ensure the production system is running according to plan. We also go back, walk through our initial plan with you, and do a simple, but effective, examination that is documented and given to you as part of our overall training and which you can use for planning future projects.

Step-7 Ongoing Support

Post go live the project will be internally handed over to our support experts who will extend their support on day-to-day basis (on demand and proactive basis).