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Leave Management in BrainSphereIT HR/HCM SYSTEM

Importance of having a Leave Management System

Importance of having an Absence/Leave Management System Leave management is one of the crucial tasks that every HR team is handling in an organisation that often consumes a significant portion of the HR team’s time.  HR people have to ensure compliance with leave policies, guarantee the availability of sufficient staff at all times and make sure […]
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Benefits of ERP in Trading Industry/Business

How Business in Trading Industry benefited by ERP solution.. ERP software has gained great importance in the business over the years. Business owners have to make decision about how to manage operations in their organizations, and one of the decisions that they are thinking to make right now is whether to do an ERP implementation. Today an ERP […]
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Problems faced by HR’s in Dubai

Biggest Problems Faced by HR’s in Dubai, UAE

HR department plays a crucial role in any organization or business.HR department act as a liaison between employer and employee. Therefore issues in HR will slow down the productivity, decrease employee morale and prevent your business from expanding. When HR department get overload with more manual process it will slow down the HR operations and […]
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Top Ten Reasons for Investing in the Best HR & Payroll Software

Top Ten Reasons for Investing in the Best HR & Payroll Software that Adheres UAE Labour Law and WPS Compliance

Do you know how much time you spend on managing data related to your human resource? Does your system helps in hiring and training resources to benefits, payroll, and performance management? If the answer is NO then you’re managing your human resource in an inefficient way. Now narrow it down to just onboarding a new […]
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erp software history

History of ERP Software

About ERP Historical past ERP Historical past is sort of attention-grabbing and a broad subject. To summarize although: MRP advanced from the 1960’s have to handle demand and ordering. It didn’t have a look at timing, solely want. MRP II was developed within the 1970’s to convey each demand and time phasing of the demand into […]
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myths about erp software

Biggest Myths about ERP Software

Organizations need to have system that can manage all the activities for the smooth functioning of the business. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business management software related to the real-time collection, storage and interpretation of data for core business processes. ERP integrates various organizational systems and facilitates information flow among all business functions, [...]
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jobs in dubai

Searching for IT Jobs in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai is a land of opportunities that has witnessed a tremendous change in the past 10 to 15 years. People who saw the opportunity and took risk to follow their heart are millionaires now. Dubai always welcomes and attracts great talents in several industries from various parts of the world. Growth of Dubai is not […]
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top point of sale software dubai

Top POS Software in Dubai

FactsMART Brainsphere’s POS (FactsMART) is an affordable, scalable and robust POS system available in market that gives access to a variety of integrations that can help you run your business efficiently by saving time and boost your sales. Brainsphere IT is leading software provider for the POS- Point of sales software in UAE and Middle […]
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best ERP for Manufacturing

How to Select the Best ERP for Manufacturing

ERP software packages are available in the market that are tailored for organizations based on industry. number of users, price etc. Choosing an ERP is a critical process because the selection of a ERP software should be based on the long-term objectives. Choosing the best ERP software is not about the features you get its […]
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Tips to Find Best HR & Payroll Software in Dubai, UAE with Local Labor Law

Does your software cover UAE Labor law regulation? There are many global and off the self HR & payroll software available in the market but not all the software has inbuilt UAE labor law regulation and end of service calculation. If your software can not help in gratuity calculation, Bank SIF generation, air ticket settlements […]
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