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Brainsphere’s Facts CRM (Customer relationship management) software is a powerful tool to manage enquiry and prospective customer. Understanding the importance of each stages of customer relationship management lifecycle, Facts CRM ensures every communication with prospective customer is addressed one to one and hence, making it customer oriented. This not only help sales team to just achieve their target but also manage the pipeline efficiently, resulting more happy customers.

Being 3rd generation, Facts CRM is proactive enough to give information to the users as and when it is required, for example when to follow up next with customer or ask for repeat order. Giving user 360-degree view of customers.

Advance automation system integrated with emails and mobile application with notification and alert tracking.

Brainsphere IT provides the best CRM software in Dubai, UAE that fits small size organization to large size organization’s requirement.

CRM Software Solutions Providers in Dubai, UAE

A good CRM gives you bits of knowledge into maintaining your business. A brilliant CRM gives you the data you require in a way that you can utilize it. A perfect CRM offers you an answer for improve your procedures from the very beginning. Facts CRM includes the great, the smart, and the perfect in an undertaking prepared package. Facts CRM Software provides full Process Automation, Tracking of customer and their interest, Customization, Reports and Maintenance of customer records. Facts CRM Software can work as your lead management software, quotation software, invoice software, work flow management software, task management software, AMC management software or ticket management software for your business.

Features of Facts CRM Software

  • Lead management.
  • Lead source tracking to make sure you are investing in right channel.
  • Lead distribution and task assignment based on customer requirement.
  • Customer database management and data warehouse management.
  • Customized and interactive dashboard as per user’s requirement.
  • Regular follow ups and attachments.
  • User friendly and time saving integrated attachment window.
  • Document status to track the stage of prospect, in order to priorities the sales approach.
  • Opportunity management.
  • Work flow management.
  • Quotation and order processing module management.
  • Tracking awarded deals or repeat orders.
  • Check list and performance audit server tools.
  • Email alerts and notification for next follow up date and action.
  • Outlook integration for better coordination and sending meeting request.
  • In built BI and KPI- key performance indicator providing more information about the sales force and sales forecast.
  • Tracking number of follow up done and last follow up before days(LFB4) to make sure all the customer is attended on time.
  • Advance search option with grouping and filtering option.
  • Drag and drop field option only available in FactsCRM to make sure all the required information is on your fingertips.

CRM Software Highlights

  • Integrated with FACTS ERP to get relevant information
  • Facility to access online to support travelling sales men
  • Real-time information for efficient customer and sales management
  • Various Levels of alerts for timely action
  • Multilevel Approval and escalation facility