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Our Clients

We have collaborated with Mc Donald’s for FactsHCM Solution since the year 2014

Circle K is using FactsHCM solution since 2014.

Lufthansa German Airlines using FactsHCM for their GCC Operations since 2010

Millionnaire Mansion is brand of Cavali Club using FactsHCM since 2012.

APJ Management using FactsERP since 2016.

Adani Global FZE associated with FactsHCM since 2015.

Mineral Circles Bearings reply on FactsERP since 2007.

Azizi Investment using Inventory management, FactsHCM since 2015

LA Sorogeeka manage their HR & Payroll using FactsHCM since 2017

Seidco using FactsHCM suite since 2014

BaraJoun Entertainment associated with FactsERP from 2016

The H Hotel Dubai using Facts Capex Automation solution since 2017

Silkland has been associated since 2003 with FactsERP & RWD solutions and have provided repeat orders consistently.

RP Group brought FactsHCM solution in the year 2013.

Worood using FactsBMS from 2013

KONE using FactsERP since 2015

Cool Line Radiators are using FactsGRASP ( ERP) to manage their operation since 2014.

Luxuria Trading DMCC is FactsERP client from 2017

Star Services LLC using FactsHCM since 2015

Rolman World FZE associated with Facts GRASP ( ERP) since 2013.

Seven Emirates is using FactsERP since 2015 for managing their operations.

Ansar Group have integrated FactsHCM with Dynamic NAV in the year 2014.

Falcon Professional Kitchen LLC rely on FactsERP (Korlan) since 2012.

Epicure Catering using FactsHCM since 2011.

Gotha Club which is part of APJ Management Group is using FactsERP since 2016.

Mace Cost Contracting is using Facts Customised Solution since 2014.

Naresco Contracting using FactsHCM since 2008

Currie & Brown using FactsHCM recruitment solution for Middle East since 2012

Bhatia General Contracting LLC using FactsHCM solution since 2014

Victoria International School of Sharjah rely on FactsHCM from 2016

Sky Jewellery choose FactsHCM solution to manage their Human Resource since 2013

Poyry Switzerland Ltd have choosen FactsHCM solution in the year 2016.

Assa Abloy brought FactsHCM solution since 2017.

Concordia International Middle East FZ-LLC using FactsCRM since 2016.

Fusion Café of Emirates First Group uses FactsHCM since 2015

NASCO Trading is FactsERP client since 2016.

GLOMACS using FactsERP since 2013

Palletco LLC using FactsERP for their operations since 2017.

Equiptec Technical Solutions using FactsERP since 2017.

Nikon is using FactsHCM solution since 2013.

Weir Oil & Gas is using FactsCSS since 2016.

Muncherie Organic Foods have choosen FactsERP since 2016.

Edo department Store LLC using FactsMART – Retail Solution since 2016.

Cavali Club is brand of White Label using FactsHCM since 2011.

MAB Group using FactsERP for GCC operations since 2013.

Akar Properties using FactsHCM since 2013.

Al-Dar group uses FactsERP since 2017.

Euro Blast Middle East FZC using Facts GRASP ERP since 2009.

Red Sea Housing Service FZE using FactsERP solution since 2012

The Indian High School using Facts Inventory Management solution from 2016

PUCA is using FactsERP since 2016

Snowhite – Brand of ALI SALEH TRADING CO LLC group is using FactsHCM since 2013.

BDH Middle East LLC using FactsERP since 2016


Sigma Electromechanical Trading LLC Using FactsERP since 2015.


AL Jabali Trading Group using FactsERP solution from 2013 till date.


Sacoor Brothers using our FactsERP since 2016.

Bvlgari using FactsHCM for managing their Human Resource since 2014.

Al Rahman Auto Spare Parts using Facts GRASP ( ERP) since 2005.

Integrated Green Resource using FactsERP since 2017.

Ultimate Auto Spare Parts LLC using FactsGRAP ( ERP) since 2005.

White Label is associated with FactsHCM product since 2011.

Demind Investment using FactsHCM since 2016

Advance Expeditions Vehicle using Facts BMS since 2011.

Lootah Perfumes has been associated with FactsERP since 2016

Enforce Security Services LLC using FactsHCM solution since 2013

WORKFORCE CONNEXIION LLC Using FactsHCM Solution since 2014

Rupali is using FactsEBiz since 2009.

RVS Group using Facts Integrated solution from 2014

Life Trendz Middle East using FactsERP and Facts WMS since 2016.

IMG Boats using FactsERP from 2008

Stahl Crane System rely on FactsERP from 2013 to manage operations.

Automech Engineering Solutions LLC using FactsHCM Lite version since 2017.

Woco Tech Ltd FZC using Facts inventory tracking solution since 2017.

Dubai Air Wing using FactsHCM since 2017.

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