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Custom ERP software development is a buzzword in today’s business world. Custom web ERP helps organization to build software which will integrate its various business functions and produce a optimized MIS reporting system which intern helps management to have key business information available as and when needed, quickly & smartly. Our Customized ERP solution Dubai, UAE helps increase business control and maximizes project profitability, and it supports a wide range of functions across the entire organization.

Enterprise resource planning system (ERP) the name gives an indication on what it can do for an organization. When talking about ERP we need to think all the necessary processes that are essential for running a business, including inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), and beyond. ERP software combines these various functions into one system to enable the smooth work flow of the entire organization.

What is customized ERP solution?

Customize means to modify something to suit an item or task. So, when we talk about customized ERP solution, it is modified system that suits for the requirements of an Organization. Customization is the process of altering an ERP software to meet the requirements of a specific organization.

Every organization work in a unique way depending on the Industry, size, workflows and business practice.  It should also be noted that it is impossible for every organization to work in a similar manner completely. Therefore, customized ERP software is available which can be crafted as per the business, so to ensure the same workflows are in place.

The Best Customized ERP Solution provider in Dubai, UAE - Brainsphere IT

ERP system are meant for solving business problems and provide a centralized approach for controlling the various aspects of the business. To make sure that everything works out smoothly.

This is where our ERP has proven its Success in providing an ERP solution that takes care of the requirements of an industry. Our unique approach in understanding the software requirements helps to find the best solution to customers problem.

Brainsphere’s ERP software is one of the best business management product trusted by more than 500 companies in UAE. Our ERP Software is operationally proficient, easy to use and responsive which makes us be the best ERP solution provider in Middle East especially in UAE.

Facts about Facts ERP

  • More than 500+ plus custom implementation
  • On average increased 36% operational efficiency
  • Minimum capex and quick return on investment (ROI)
  • Simple GUI helps quick user acceptance
  • Comprehensive solution built on the global standard.
  • Developed using .net technology and SQL server as backend.
  • Our R&D and support is based in Dubai, which helps us to provide best service to our customer.

Customized ERP Software Features:

  • Inbuilt chat application for quick communication.
  • Global Search Engine – Searches inside our ERP for invoices/transactions/items.
  • Key Process Indicators with Graphical Data on your dashboard.
  • Reports and updates can be send naturally as Emails/SMS.
  • Real-Time stock data is available to Managers/Sales Team/Store and Dispatch group on their mobile device.
  • Reminders and notifications of Mile-Stone dates, Events, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and follow ups will appear on your dashboard.
  • Accurate and solid reports with information refreshed on constant premise.
  • Customize and export reports to Microsoft Word, Excel or pdf in printable format.
  • Enhanced HR management and Payroll process adhering the UAE labour law.
  • Fixed Assets Management.
  • Barcode scanning helps quick stock entry and dispatch of goods.
  • Real-time data is available on the go for your workforce working in various locations.
  • Enhanced Stock Control of multiple locations
  • New groups and Analytical fields are definable under Accounts and Stock Masters.
  • Document Expiry Alert systems and reminders can be set on dashboard for quick access.
  • Improved Post-dated cheque control modules with reminders and alerts.
  • Business Intelligence reports with graphical representation such as pie chart, bar chart helps quick decision making.
  • Real-time Inventory control system with automated accounting entries
  • Multi-Currency management system with exchange rates.
  • Job-costing modules with customizable reports
  • Customer Credit-Limit control system make sure that the customer does not exceed credit limit.
  • Improvised Estimation Management Module with customizable reports.
  • Multi-level approval system based on designations.
  • Role based user access for multi-level security.

Customized ERP Software Modules:

Finance Accounting

Our solution will help your finance team to forecast and take preemptive actions to accomplish the financial obligations to meet the targets on time. And, be relaxed and confident about the reports which are fully compliant to the rules and regulations of the region derived as per the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

  • Alerts and reminders as per Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable schedules
  • Budget definition and control
  • Consolidated statement of accounts with Group Trial Balance
  • AP and AR age analysis for accurate financial planning
  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers
  • Scheduled Quarterly / Annually financial reports and accounts statements
  • Cost center wise Gross Profit analysis, daily bank position, Monthly comparisons
  • Enterprise Asset and Depreciation Management
  • Intercompany transaction
  • Dynamic Business Intelligence Reports to ascertain the financial health of the organization
  • Various grouping structures and Templates for financial statements


It’s important to have your procurement cycle in order,so that at any point of time you will have clear picture about the purchase orders which are under process. The well elaborated purchase modules will provide a clear insight to the purchase managers to handle any scenario much easier.

  • Potential supplier to supplier evaluation (S2S Analysis – Vendor Analysis)
  • Consignment purchase
  • Facility to schedule repetitive purchases
  • Delivery schedules can be tracked, reminders set for the same
  • Advance shipping notifications (ASN) preparation
  • Generate goods receipt note (GRN)
  • Purchase return process
  • Clearance of the invoice and payment to supplier
  • Payments through LC register
  • Compare vendors who supply same items
  • Compare purchase history from multiple vendors to take appropriate procurement decision
  • Automated purchase requisition generation as per daily demand
  • Integrated financial postings as and when purchase or return occurs
  • Set milestonesand have better control on procurement processes


Having accurate inventory tracking and proper warehouse management procedures is must to avoid any last-minute surprises. Brainsphere’s ERP solution Dubai provides a powerful and flexible set of features to identify and report your inventory status at any point of time. It also aids to identify inventory requirements, to configure and utilize replenishment processes, to monitor inventory utilization,to reconcile the inventory balances, to handle inventory transfers amid warehouses.

  • Handle Inventory of Vendors, Customers, Consignee or Internal departments
  • Set item attributes like Barcode, Serial number, Manufacturer, Brand, Size, Colouretc for ease of tracking
  • Effective expiry management and alerts with Batch control system
  • Define multiple units combined with accurate conversion to the base unit
  • Track Location / Zone and Bin / Palette wise inventory
  • Inter-Warehouse, Inter-Location or Inter-Bin stock transfers
  • Put away and Picking procedures
  • Effective authorization levels to monitor stock movement
  • Industrial compliant barcode solution – barcode generation and label printing
  • Integrated real time stock updating and accurate physical stock reporting
  • Stock replenishment based on forecasting and order level
  • Stock reservation based on requests
  • Periodic Inward and Outward Q/C Approval Procedures
  • On the fly Kit assembly procedures
  • Check-in time packing and repacking facility
  • Temperature controlled binning

Sales order management

Whether maintaining the customer information or quickly creating a quote or migrating quotations in to sales order or being responsive to your customers, Brainsphere’s ERP Software Dubai provides the right solution and efficient flow of information. It also allows emailing of quotes, invoices, orders and SMS to multiple contacts.

  • Customer relationship and sales lead management
  • Capture customer RFQ
  • Generate sales quotation
  • Create sales orders
  • Issue proforma invoices
  • Delivery order/Packing list and transportation details
  • Progressive as well as final sales invoice andbilling
  • Sales return and settlements with or without credit notes
  • B2B (Business to Business) order execution
  • Multiple selling price structures for the same item for different customer category
  • Customer wise price/discount structure
  • Privilege and loyalty customer management
  • Periodic follow ups of sales quotations
  • Finance integrated
  • Milestone management


Managing budgets is an essential part of running a business. Brainsphere’s Budgeting module allows you to measure your actual financial performance against the planned one. Budgeting can include budget control, which you can use to monitor the budget funds that are available for planned and actual purchases and expenditures. With Brainshpere’s Budgeting module you can create budget register entries for the original budget, budget transfers, and have flexibility for budget revisions. You can also create budget register entries for Budget register entries can be created automatically when budgets are transferred to the general ledger from other modules, such as Project management and accounting or Fixed assets.

You can determine which financial dimensions from the chart of accounts are available for basic budgeting and budget control. When you configure budget control,

Key Features of Budgeting Module

  • Integrated with financials and easy to set up, create, and view budgets.
  • Flexible budget intervals can be defined
  • Masters like budget cycle time spans, budget thresholds, cost centers and budget groups.
  • Live time check for available budget funds and revise it.
  • Tracking status and history of budget register entries, budget control statistics, actual versus budgeted amounts, budget details, and budget funds available.
  • Man power budgeting Module
  • Alerts and notification exceeding budgeted expenses.

Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets Management provides easy-to-use fixed asset accounting, depreciation, and reporting features for any business. Standard and customizable depreciation calculation methods help your business or organization optimizes balance sheets & reduces insurance over payments.

This module conveniently manages assets throughout their life cycle – from acquisition to disposal – and will provide a wealth of benefits quickly. Fixed Asset Management System Dubai eliminates the time and energy it takes to manually perform the necessary data entry again and again, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Key Features of Fixed Assets Management Module

  • Multiple categories of Assets.
  • Multi-Level chart of Assets.
  • Multiple/flexible methods of depreciation.
  • Original Purchase value, Book Value, Insured value and Scrap Value.
  • User defined depreciation commencement date.
  • Disposal of Assets.
  • Asset tracking with Transfer History
  • Repair and Maintenance History.
  • Fixed Asset Schedule.

Key Benefits of Fixed Assets Management Module

  • Maintenance —deploy resources for maximum effectiveness.
  • Asset tracking – by Category, by Location, by Serial Number (using Barcode Tags)
  • Uptime —forecast likely failure points and the causes to improve uptime.
  • Reliability/Risk Management — predict and take action on strategic issues to prevent problems.
  • Strategic Planning —increase visibility into asset performance management to better align these resources with corporate goals for the long term optimum performance of the Assets.
  • All the transactions are routed through the system and thus can be made highly secured and be tracked at any moment of time.
  • Reports – essential reports required for your review and effective decision making can be only generated through the Fixed Asset Management System.
  • More than one user can work simultaneously on the same software at the same time and all the data provided is real time.
  • Can be accessed from any part of the world at any point of time.
  • Automatic posting of Depreciations.
  • Option to choose different depreciation methods.
  • Options to enter units of each Assets.
  • Tracking the Insurance Company, Policy number, insurance amount, expiry dates etc.

HR & Payroll Management

Human Resources is one of the most vital and strategic asset of each organization. FactsHCM is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets; it directly takes you to the next step where your investment in Human Asset is directly managed in the most optimum, efficient and effective manner.

Major Challenges in Human Capital Management.

  • Employees document expiry tracking
  • System covering UAE Labor Law and statutory laws
  • Gratuity calculation as per law
  • Various leave management
  • Various loan management, deductions, allowance and over-time reflecting in salary register
  • Managing different trade licenses and company document
  • SIF- Salary Information File generation according to WPS
  • Processing payroll on time
  • Integration with time attendance machine and other global financial system

Why Brainsphere HCM

  • A total solution for an organization to manage their work force starting from recruitment till retirement.
  • Integration with time attendance machines/ data collection equipment’s
  • Integration with Financials
  • Work-flows/ definable Approval mechanisms
  • Robust and timely tested HR & Payroll management system in Dubai well equipped with UAE labor law
  • Based in Dubai having hands on experienced implementers and consultant onboard for support and service
  • Business Intelligence / KPIs / Dashboards
  • Integrated Modules like (optional modules)
  • Employee Self Service Module
  • Integration with compatible Time Attendance machine from one central consolidated database
  • Recruitment Module
  • Accommodation Module
  • Training Module
  • Performance Appraisal Module
  • Staff Training Module
  • Petty Cash Management Module


It’s not uncommon to experience lag in the overall manufacturing processes just because of improper communication. Brainsphere ERP provides an apt solution to coordinate the day to day operations of production houses, supply chains, ware houses and logistics.Thus,increases the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing processes.

  • Bill of Quantity (BOQ), Bill of Material (BOM) and Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Material Issues / Store Requisitions
  • Finished Goods entry with complete costing calculations
  • Material Consumption and wastage Calculation
  • Work-In-Progress and cost accounting
  • Production Planning and execution as per Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Labor cost calculations and batch wise cost allocations
  • Automated Overhead / Indirect Expense distribution
  • Discrete and Process Manufacturing
  • Recipe and assembly line Management


Contract Management module of Brainsphere ERP is a complete solution to manage the contracts from inception to completion. It covers all aspects of the processes, and guides the user through a quality process. Workflow, email and SMS notifications, reminders and alerts, and informative dashboards are used to maximize efficiency. In addition to that this solution easily adapts to respective company process and policies.

  • Labor cost calculations and allocations of jobs
  • Automated overhead / indirect expense distribution to jobs
  • Multiple budgets for each jobs or cost center-wise budgetary control
  • Progressive Invoicing / Retentions
  • Stock control with multiple units and various conversions
  • Integrated Material Requisitions, Issues, Issue Returns and Direct Purchases for the jobs
  • Damage and other outgoing entry for perfect inventory management
  • Automatic landed cost (total cost) calculation for materials
  • Flexible Chart of Cost accounts with unlimited levels
  • Supplier and Customer enquiry with complete sales /purchase movement analysis
  • Complete order processing, Local Purchase Orders, Purchase confirmations – project wise

Services Management

Service Management module is a complete solution to manage the contracts/ installation from inception to completion. It covers all aspects of the processes, and guides the user through a quality process. Workflow, email and SMS notifications, reminders and alerts, and informative dashboards are used to maximize efficiency. In addition to that this solution easily adapts to respective company process and policies.

  • Service call log- includes regular & preventive service log
  • Service contract- will include all details like warranty start date, end date, inclusive services etc.
  • Service Quotation
  • Service Work Order & Service Work Invoice
  • Labor cost calculations and allocations of jobs
  • Automated overhead / indirect expense distribution to jobs
  • Progressive Invoicing / Retentions
  • Material Consumption and wastage Calculation
  • Work-In-Progress and cost accounting
  • Stock control with multiple units and various conversions
  • Integrated Material Requisitions, Issues, Issue Returns and Direct Purchases for the service
  • Damage and other outgoing entry for perfect inventory management
  • Flexible Chart of Cost accounts with unlimited levels

Job costing

Cost overrun, and delivery delays are the biggest nightmares for the Project Managers who are responsible to make projects succeed on time. With the powerful project planning and costing module, Brainsphere ERP equip them with high visibility on each milestone of the entire project life cycle at any given point of time. Thus, facilitate them to take informed decisions to resolve the issues.

  • Job Estimation, Quotation submission and Job Scheduling
  • Integrated Material Requisitions, Issues, Issue Returns, Direct Job Purchases
  • Job sheet with details (material, labor, subcontracts, overheads and other expenses)
  • Frequent Comparison with Estimates and Actuals and status update
  • Track issue of Man, Machine and Material to the jobsand calculate cost incurred
  • Track the work-in-progress (WIP) and update percentage completion status
  • Auto transfer of all deferred revenue to P&L account based on percentage of work completion
  • Automated Overhead / Indirect Expense distribution to jobs
  • Comprehensive labor cost calculations
  • Progressive Invoicing / Retentions and cost center-wise budgetary control

Reports (BI)

Business intelligence modules equips the top management with the ability to make accurate and fast decisions by utilizing the reliable information gathered from current and historical data which are converted into the most appropriate information pointers. The BI and KPI modules of the Brainsphere ERP provides the birds-eye view of the current status of the processes as well as the projections and trends. It immensely helps to take strategic business decisions and respond more effectively to the changes in demand.

  • Smart Charts and Graphs
  • Profit analysis reporting and other ad-hoc reporting
  • All in one Dashboard with drill down features
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Quick and accurate information presentation