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ERP Software Solutions for Oil and Gas Industries in Dubai, UAE & Middle East



We are one of the leading ERP software solution provider in Dubai, UAE. We offer fully integrated ERP software for various industries including Oil and Gas industries in Dubai, UAE. Along with our ERP software, we also offer advanced specific customized ERP solutions for EPC’s and Oil & Gas services companies. Fragmented engineering tools and information systems are the primary cause of inefficiency in the Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) domain in Oil and Gas industry. Our integrated and automated solutions root out these inefficiencies to create a more agile and responsive business environment. Tailor-made to your specific requirements, our solutions simplify work processes accelerating your time to delivery. Brainsphere ERP for Oil and Gas industry Dubai, UAE comprises of all the functionalities that are necessary to perform the business processes in a more efficient and profitable way. Brainsphere has empowered many Oil & Gas companies across the world by providing excellence, building and delivering enterprise solutions as per their needs.

Oil and Gas industry is characterized by its large scale of operation, many processing units dispersed across geographies,  complex supply chain demands and a 24*7 operation which creates extreme stress on both man and machine. Standardization plays an important role in such an industry. Brainsphere ERP for Oil & Gas provides all the required features and procedures to streamline these functions and to integrate these distributed operations. The oil and gas industry has long lived with turbulent markets and a challenging regulatory environment. Selecting the right software will enable your organization to increase profitability, streamline business processes, maintain compliance and keep pace in a volatile market.

Apart from ERP software solution, for EPC’s and Oil & Gas services companies, we provide our services in the areas of System Integration, Design Automation and Consulting.

System Integration: By integrating multiple systems for Engineering, Construction and Procurement, we help streamline complex processes, foster team collaboration and accelerate engineering. Our integration services help standardize procedures, implement effective change management and obtain a unified view of critical data for decision making.

Design Automation: Leverage our services to reduce engineering labour, cost and time. Eliminate negative iterations and create custom engineering designs in hours or minutes instead of days. Harness the power of innovative technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence that will soon revolutionize engineering design

Consulting: We turn every engineering challenge into an opportunity for work process improvement. Our experienced consultants provide support for a wide range of needs from requirement analysis, functional design, solution development, integration of legacy systems, data migration, system configuration and maintenance.

ERP Solutions for Oil & Gas Industries Dubai, UAE | We offer are:

When Oil and Gas companies use the expression Best ERP Software for oil and gas industry/ Petroleum industry Dubai, UAE, many flavors and functionalities ring a bell. In actuality, with so much seclusion basic in the business today, and with such a variety of augmentations, diverse ERP’s frequently do altogether different things.



ENNOVATE-OG is an integrated solution for engineering design. It connects multiple applications and integrates diverse process flows into one seamless data stream, ensuring that decisions at every stage of engineering design and validation are truly information driven.

Core Functions are:

Data Integration – Integrates data from multiple engineering divisions and databases to provide a real-time and consistent view of data.

Change Management – Helps manage design changes through revision control. The design changes are automatically reflected downstream.

Design Automation – Automates repeated design tasks and reduces negative design iterations considerably saving costs and man hours.

Report Generation – Generates accurate Bill of Materials, Material Take Off, engineering drawings, reports and other project deliverables.


ENNOVATE-OG is designed to fulfil the unique requirements of Engineering Procurement and Construction companies that operate in the Oil and Gas sector. It ensures design integrity, quality and change management and meets other critical requisites of oil operating companies.

  • Generates standards-based outputs facilitating smooth handover
  • Reduces cost through design reuse and reduction in expensive re-engineering.
  • Automatically updates project deliverables as changes are made to data.
  • Integrates with all third-party databases and modelling tools.
  • Allows customization according to end-user requirements.
  • Drives productivity with a user-friendly interface


Get speedy and consistently accurate estimations with COSTIMATOR-OG, a smart and user-friendly solution. COSTIMATOR-OG significantly reduces your enquiry to quote time, giving you the agility your business demands. It drives productivity by dramatically reducing the manual effort required to prepare construction estimates.

COSTIMATOR-OG comes with a user-friendly interface that facilitates easy learning and fast adoption. All standard tables and clauses are incorporated in the solution. All you need to do is enter the basic information on the user-friendly interface. Based on the inputs and data drawn from the database, COSTIMATOR-OG calculates and generates detailed estimation within minutes. COSTIMATOR-OG can be easily customized for client-specific requirements.

COSTIMATOR-OG can generate:

  • Detailed cost estimation and quotes
  • Technical specification sheet for each equipment
  • Cost sheet and data sheet
  • Complete purchase orders
  • AutoCAD Drawings

Core Benefits

  • Save Time – COSTIMATOR-OG drastically reduces your Enquiry-to-Quote time from days to a few minutes.
  • Automates Estimates – By automating quantity takeoff activities, COSTIMATOR-OG increases your team productivity.
  • Easy to Use – Data storage and retrieval processes are simplified, giving you ready access to data.
  • Eliminates Errors – You can reduce the risk of costly estimation errors, duplication and time-consuming rework.
  • AutoCAD Friendly – You can generate AutoCAD drawings without opening AutoCAD.

Key Features

  • Currency Options – Generates quotes in multiple currencies
  • User-friendly Interface – Simplifies navigation with an intuitive interface
  • Accurate Calculations – Enables local fabrication calculations
  • Online Support – Offers online access for anywhere, anytime use
  • Highly Customizable – Supports special features and custom entries

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