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Human Resources is one of the most vital and strategic assets of each organization. Our Top HR & Payroll management software Dubai, UAE is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets; it directly takes you to the next step where your investment in Human Asset is directly managed in the most optimum, efficient and effective manner. Brainshphere’s HCM is a robust and timely tested HR & Payroll management software in Dubai well equipped with UAE labour law. The only HR & Payroll management software in the market to manage workforce starting from recruitment till retirement. One of the Key modules of our ERP software solution in Dubai is the advanced HR Management Software Dubai.

When it comes to a business, it is very important that the right payroll management be done. If this doesn’t happen there could be very severe fallback from the employees. The Payroll Management Software of an HRMS is one of the most important in the system, because it helps to cut down the errors that occur during organization of employee salaries to zero. Unlike the older forms of HRMS Software Dubai, UAE that were manual, this module of an HRMS turns the accounting department of the company into a true blue powerhouse where the employee benefits, advances, loans and other factors are correctly put into the overall pay of the worker.

The Payroll Management Software in the Brainsphere’s HRMS is very user friendly indeed. It is also super simple for easy management of all payroll details for the employees in the company. Only HR & Payroll management solution which can fit any industry whether it is manpower sourcing or supply, contracting or service, manufacturing or retail, it including HR help desks, intranet portals, employee self-service and manager self-service. 

HR is no more at the bottom of the priority list. The older school of thought that equated HR with inventory tracking has given way to the new one that equates HR with Asset Management. After all, it is the people who make the organization what it is. Of late, HR has acquired greater complexity what with dynamic factors like attrition, continued learning, efficiency monitoring, etc. Research says that 80% of HR is taken up by administration, leaving a mere 20% for planning, analysis and improvement. Facts HCM is all set to set right this balance. With Facts HCM, your HR Team is now equipped to work smart.

Facts HCM provides practical ways to seamlessly integrate the people side of the business with the organizations strategic initiatives. In Fact HCM, Payroll Management Software Dubai is an integral part of the eHR and authorized data entered into the employee file automatically effects payroll on approval. The calculation and payment of wages, salaries and pensions including deductions, allowances, overtime etc. in accordance with Organizational policies and government regulations are managed by the comprehensive Payroll Management System in Dubai.

Major Challenges in Human Capital Management.

  • Employees document expiry tracking
  • System covering UAE Labor Law and statutory laws
  • Gratuity calculation as per law
  • Various leave management
  • Various loan management, deductions, allowance and over-time reflecting in salary register
  • Managing different trade licenses and company document
  • SIF – Salary Information File generation according to WPS
  • Processing payroll on time
  • Integration with time attendance machine and other global financial systems

Why Brainsphere HCM

  • Integration with time attendance machines/ data collection equipment’s
  • Integration with Financials
  • Work-flows/ definable Approval mechanisms
  • Based in Dubai having hands-on experienced implementers and consultant onboard for support and service
  • Business Intelligence / KPIs / Dashboards
  • Integrated Modules like (optional modules)
  • Employee Self Service Module
  • Integration with compatible Time Attendance machine from one central consolidated database
  • Recruitment Module
  • Accommodation Module
  • Training Module
  • Performance Appraisal Module
  • Staff Training Module
  • Petty Cash Management Module

Modules for Facts HCM - HR & Payroll Software Dubai include:

HR Management

Over the time, HRs have realized that their ability to expand the future of the organization is through how well can they harness the data of the employees. People analytics have the potential to impact the business outcomes in an enormous way. This kind of an attribute is true with sales organizations, where in the personalities and behavioral skills of the employees play a major part.

For instance, the HR software in Dubai is focusing on the data of attendance and leave, along with data related to their performance of time management. Such analytics help organizations to decide how employees are performing and taking up their job roles. Is an employee worth keeping or has he the potential to grow? – all these questions really get easy to answer with a backbone of this analytics. Also, wasting paychecks on unproductive employees reduces.


  • Employee Personnel Details.
  • Flexibility in defining and customizing the organization’s rules and regulations as well as the employee details including his bio-data, employment records, skills, educational qualifications, Bank account details etc.
  • Allows various definable grouping options for different reports
  • General HR administration.
  • Options to provide unlimited document details like Passport, Residence Visa, Labor Card, Ministry License, Health cards, Dependent Passports, Accommodation, Driving license, other licenses, etc.)
  • Employee Asset Tracking
  • Employee document expiry reminders as prior to pre-defined cushion days
  • Employee shift allocations for duty roaster settings for each employee.
  • Multiple shifts which can span to succeeding days
  • Leave date & days settings, return from leave, short leave tracking, Delayed rejoining penalty setting options.
  • Employee Timesheets/ OT Calculation
  • Historical data keeping

Payroll Management

  • Payroll master data – Basic Salary, allowances and deductions and income base calculations
  • Yearly allowances
  • Deduction timeframe settings
  • Automatic loan deduction based on defined time schedule set
  • Basic salary increases, adjustments, History of salary hikes
  • Monthly transactions – expense recoveries, miscellaneous earnings and reimbursements
  • WPS and SIF File generation
  • System generated pay slip
  • Bank transfer report for salary disbursed through bank
  • Automated data preparation in the Banks specified formats as soft copy
  • Coinage Reports for salary disbursed as cash
  • Gratuity Calculations & reports
  • Final Settlement.
  • Various bank and payroll master reports
  • Provision of gratuity and leave liability balances, leave entitlements and leave summary reports
  • User Defined Fields and easy settings for user-level customizations
  • Developed locally to meet local requirements
  • Guaranteed user satisfaction

Additional Module

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service (FactsESS) an online Human Resource Services Gateway and a Web portal on latest technology using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen.

Available features:

  • Alerts (Notification & reminders)
  • Noticeboard
  • Company policy
  • Employee profile
  • Employee leave details
  • Employee gratuity details
  • Staff Requests
  • Leave requests (Annual, sick, LOP, etc.)
  • Document requests (Salary certificate, NOC, etc.)
  • Staff loan requests
    1. Reimbursement requests
    2. Training requests
    3. Business travel request
    4. View and attached documents with requests
    5. Online Payslip generation

Manpower budgeting Module

  • Manpower request from the respective department with the skill set mapping.
  • Recruitment expenses- visa, hiring, agency, PRO charges, assets if required and other out of pocket charges.
  • Manpower approval, multiple approval levels can be set.
  • Budget tracking
  • Attachments & Alerts for expiry and due dates.

Accommodation Module

  • Accommodation Unit Details
  • Tenancy contract details
  • Facilities management, Company Assets allocation.
  • Managing Unit occupancies tagged to employees
  • Check IN/OUT Transactions
  • Occupancy/ Accommodation utilization Report
  • Set alert to track Tenancy contract expiry and vacant unit

PRO Module

  • Maintain and track documents like trade licenses and other certificates of all companies
  • PRO related expenses management updates and reports.
  • Visa processing updates/ Medical /Residence ID / Employment visa status tracking
  • Set alert to track Tenancy contract expiry and vacant unit

Staff Training Module

  • Training Module is customized module depending on company training policy, it can either be the outcome of performance appraisal or request from employee/ their manager.
  • Recording different titles of Training provided by the company.
  • Training details, durations, fees
  • Training schedule- on-premises or institutional training/ classroom or onsite training
  • Request for Training
  • Tracing policies/ terms & conditions for Training fee re-embracement.
  • Integration with employee’s performance to achieve goal/ target.
  • Documents/ Certificates attachments
  • Alerts for pending and completion of training

Appraisal Module

For any organization, performance management is very crucial which measures individual employees’ contribution to the organization. Appraisal module provides a platform to evaluate 180/360-degree appraisal.

  • Appraisal form/question paper definition
  • Question master- Individual questions are creating here
  • Questionnaire definition- A questionnaire/section contains multiple questions
  • Form definition- A form contains multiple questionnaires/sections
  • Appraisal initiation-HR initiates an appraisal from here.
  • Individual appraisal form will be issued tagging appraise and appraiser/s

Reports (BI)
Business intelligence modules equip the top management with the ability to make accurate and fast decisions by utilizing the reliable information gathered from current and historical data which are converted into the most appropriate information pointers. The BI and KPI modules of the Brainsphere ERP provides the birds-eye view of the current status of the processes as well as the projections and trends. It immensely helps to take strategic business decisions and respond more effectively to the changes in demand.

  • Smart Charts and Graphs
  • Profit analysis reporting and other ad-hoc reporting
  • All in one Dashboard with drill-down features
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Quick and accurate information presentation